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Intimacy With Ease, LLC

Touchy Feely™ Cards

Touchy Feely™ Cards

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As a certified sex therapist, I understand how challenging it can be for couples to navigate the complex landscape of intimacy. My goal is to help people find their desire for intimacy and to explore what they actually want. Originally developed to facilitate an exercise in my Intimacy With Ease™ program, our Touchy Feely™ Cards not only take the pressure off but also add a little bit of fun and giggles along the way!

Touchy Feely™ Cards are specifically designed to help couples deepen their connection through the exploration of touch and sensation. The best part is that couples get to tailor their experience to fit their unique desires and needs, allowing you to explore intimacy at your own pace and decide for yourselves the types of touch and sensation you most enjoy. Rather than tell you what to do or suggest activities that may or may not interest you, the deck is designed to allow you to explore what you actually like.

Our cards are designed to inspire and encourage creative expression of physical touch and sensation. Each card features a different touch or sensation prompt, making it a playful and exciting way to try new things. With the flexibility to mix and match cards, you can build a customized experience that is special and unique to your relationship, your preferences, and your body. We have several suggested ways to play with the cards, and the deck is flexible enough for you to create your own versions. Feel free to let us know what you come up with!

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